4 Wilson Pro Stock Steam 99

4 Wilson Pro Stock Steam 99



I'm selling 4 pro stock Wilson Steam 99 rackets, 2 with a Burn paintjob, and the other 2 with a Blade paintjob.

The racquets have some paint chips on the frame, but no cracks on the inside of the racquet, only on the painting. 

With String, the racquets weigh approximately 345g (12.1 oz), they all have silicone in the hendle, except for the one with the black grip. The 2 racquets with the Burn paintjob have about 5-6 grams of lead tape on the top of the frame. They are all 16x18. 

I'm selling at 200$ each, or a price if you take the 4 rackets.  

Head Size 99 sq in (638cm2)
Length 68.5cm
Weight 340-345g
Width 26cm
Power Level
Swing Speed
Grip Type 4 1/4 for the Burns 4 1/3 for the Blades
String Pattern Luxilon Adrenaline on the Burns
Tension 27 and 26